Chart: Which UK News Sites Post The Most Stories?

Do more stories lead to more eyeballs? New data shows which publishers are churning out most articles – but is the strategy working? Hover and click to explore our chart…

To contextualise that, here are the sites’ relative audiences in the preceding month…

Our conclusion? Story volume does correlate with audience size, but not universally. Although publishes more stories than anyone (not including its blogs), it ranks third for audience size.

Mail Online and Guardian otherwise rank amongst highest on both counts, while The Times is the fourth most prolific story publisher but, behind its paywall, has far fewer readers.

Source: Story count data comes from the Newspaper Licensing Agency, owned by eight national newspaper publishers. It indicates how many articles the sites’ databases supplied to the NLA’s eClips Web, a service which alerts media monitors to news articles, during a week in May 2011.

  • NB. The data underrepresents the articles available to eClips by four percent, due to technical issues.
  • NB. The Sunday Times currently supplies only 50 percent of its articles to eClips – this issue is being addressed.
  • NB. Blog posts are not included from,, Mail Online.