Absolute Radio Will Serve Personalised Online Audio Ads

Absolute Radio has long been admirer of Spotify’s personalised audio ads. This spring, its advertising director wrote a piece on paidContent:UK about it. Now the broadcaster is doing its own version.

To online listeners of its stream, Absolute will ditch the ads served over DAB, FM and AM and instead serve “one-to-one” audio spots, with in-player visuals. It’s offering to do location-aware commercials for advertisers.

“Absolute Radio plans to know more about its audience than any other radio broadcaster, with users encouraged to register and opt-in via Facebook, to create an Absolute Radio Account replacing and enhancing the existing VIP access launched over 10 years ago,” Absolute says.

“These ‘Smart Streamers’ will be logged-in and listening to Absolute Radio via ‘Smart Players’ such as the Absolute Radio Player and Absolute Radio’s Smartphone apps, sharing what’s known as a ‘full view’ of their profile, with full-control over their privacy settings.

Smart Streamers will receive free, higher quality audio feed, alongside a contextual, visualized radio experience that’s more relevant to them, while advertisers gain an intimate level of access to the audience.”

Absolute is one of the most-listened-to radio stations online, having served 11.9 million live hours in May.