Microsoft Has An iPhone TV Guide App Called ‘TeleBing’ In Japan

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is trying to drive awareness of Bing in Japan through Apple’s iPhone. This month, it launched TeleBing, a TV guide inside an iPhone app.

The firm doesn’t think the app itself can generate revenue, including by advertising, so is merely considering it a brand-building tool, according to Japan’s internet Watch.

With TeleBing, users can search for and browse show guides and info, plus share their viewing habits out through Twitter (appended with the “#TVBing” tag) and Facebook.

Back in February, Bing introduced a feature in Japan by which it would show tweets related to TV shows, if they are currently on-air, when a user searches for those shows.

Meanwhile in Japan, iOS5 will include a built-in feature to notify users of earthquakes.