ABC, Lovefilm Execs Scratch Heads At Netflix’s Split

Netflix’s decision to divide its DVD and streaming operations is being treated as a joke and a shot in the foot by some observers.

CEO Reed Hastings’ blog post announcement has got over 11,000 comments within 14 hours.

The COO of Amazon’s European Netflix equivalent, Lovefilm, says…


Lovefilm is in the same boat. It must manage down its DVD and game rental business whilst putting eggs in its streaming basket. Both Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) and Lovefilm have relatively small online catalogues. Lovefilm product director Simon Waldman, who has, quite literally, written the book on how businesses undertake massive transition, says…


Meanwhile, Albert Cheng, the digital media EVP and chief product officer of Disney-ABC (NYSE: DIS) Television Group, which has licensed shows to Netflix, is confused…












First Round Capital VC Josh Kopelman turns back on Netflix CEO Reed Hastings his suggestion that AOL (NYSE: AOL) should split its dialup business in the same way.