From Tread To Screen, Menzies Pitches E-Paper For Advertisers

A news distributor, a rubber tyre maker and a tech startup walk in to a bar… and conceive a way to let brands communicate on electronic paper.

Together, Bridgestone, Menzies Digital Marketing and Ripe Technology will be offering the “E-Flyer”, a 3G-enabled, low-power e-reader device based on Bridgestone’s QR-LPD e-paper. Menzies Digital Marketing wants to offer it to businesses to display their marketing messages.

An iPad this is not. The E-Flyer uses liquid powder to display images on an A3-sized, 21.4-inch board. But, at that size, it packs more pixels than iPad. This is more an out-of-home screen display than a tablet computer.

After abandoning its effort to white-label its newsstand for new-wave newsagents like Asda, WH Smith and ITV (LSE: ITV), Menzies Digital was last seen rebooting in February, when it retooled as a consultancy, hoping to help publishers deploy on to all manner of e-readers and tablets. The E-Flyer is the latest.

Clients can stuff E-Flyer with messaging remotely. It could have application in advertising, in shop windows or company lobbies.