Research: Spotify Had 2.4 Million U.S. Users In September

Since Spotify launched in the U.S. this July, various folks have taken a stab at ascertaining its popularity. Here is another from comScore, which says Spotify’s application and website clocked 2.4 million visitors in September.

That put it quickly on rival Rhapsody’s heels, but iTunes Store and Pandora (NYSE: P) had almost eight times as much traffic…

Measuring this way is an inexact science. comScore’s Media Metrix uses both monthly interviews web usage monitoring and panels.

Reuters (NYSE: TRI) sources said this month Spotify had 250,000 paying U.S. subscribers. That is 10 percent of the total monthly visitors claimed by comScore.

Spotify itself claims a paid-to-free ratio of 15 percent of its active users. In other words, there may be some truth in these numbers.

Either way, bottom line is that Spotify has obviously proved relatively popular very quickly – success that prompted Rhapsody to buy Napster’s users just to regain its lead.

comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) says Spotify’s requirement that new users have Facebook accounts will not prove harmful. “In fact, 96 percent of all Spotify visitors in September also visited Facebook, significantly higher than the 75 percent of the total U.S. internet population that visited Facebook.”

Spotify on Tuesday finally unveiled a preview of its app for BlackBerry.