News Corp’s Shine Buying Web Video Producer ChannelFlip

News Corp.’s newly-owned Shine Group is acquiring ChannelFlip, an independent online TV and video producer that has successfully developed brand-funded short-form formats.

Shine says: “ChannelFlip’s expertise in building brand partnerships and online communities will in turn complement Shine’s traditional production businesses, and bolster the group’s existing multi-platform and direct to consumer offerings.”

ChannelFlip has successfully attracted TV personalities to anchor short online shows likeRichard Hammond’s Tech Head,Jon Ronson’s Escape and Control, David Mitchell’s Soapbox, Dawn Porter’s Bad Girl Guides and Dom Joly’s Joystick. But it has also been producing original web funnies like Trendyboy and The Very Real Adventures Of Batman And Robin.

Founded in 2008 by Justin Gayner and Wil Harris, the company pitches big brands to sponsor shows. Speaking at the C21 FutureMedia conference in December, Harris said:

“What’s changed is the willingness of traditional TV advertisers to move their advertising money to online. Suddenly, we can do stuff that we wouldn’t have been able to a few years ago.”

Founded by Elisabeth Murdoch, Shine Group operates the TV makers Kudos, Princess and Dragonfly, responsible for shows like Spooks, Merlin and Masterchef.

It was acquired by News Corp in 2011 for $675 million but some investors lodged a lawsuit claiming Rupert Murdoch’s company overpaid thanks to nepotism.