Publishing startup RollUp Media takes €1.2 million from Arts Alliance

The web publishing services startup founded by ex Google, DoubleClick, Brightcove and Lycos execs is raising €1.2 million ($1.5 million) from Arts Alliance and others.

RollUp Media wants to help small niche publishers make money from the web by offering a mix of freshly-developed and off-the-shelf technology to improve SEO. Specifics on the service, which launched in May in the UK and Australia, are so far short, though the list of its services is varied and confusing.

The outfit last month got a deal to power the content for Everyday Health and What To Expect sites in Europe and Asia.

This money is a seed round. It has now raised €2 million. Last year, it acquired a technology outfit called Feedtrace, whose software scans Twitter to serve up links on hot topics and tags.

It is using the technology to power niche aggregated content sites InstantPulp and ParentPulp, each testbeds, as well its other offerings on Away With The Kids and SimplyChateau.