French publishers unite real-time ad buying efforts

Four French lifestyle publishers have joined forces to create a single online ad-buying exchange.

Launching in full on Tuesday, La Place Media is owned by Lagardere Publicité, TF1 Publicité, Amaury Medias and Figaro Medias, comprising 28 million unique users, and is premised on the real-time bidding (RTB) system of ad-buying.

“Most, if not all, of our publisher partners and customers have been exploring the exchange and RTB opportunities through multiple vendors in the past 24 months,” MD Fabien Magalon tells ExchangeWire.

“During their learning phase, our publisher partners quickly figured out that success in this market necessitated a strong alliance. Namely, through collective scale, reach and data.”

La Place has picked Rubicon Project’s Revv as the system through which business will be done – yet another client win for the fast-growing outfit that is gobbling up an increasing amount of RTB business.

As well as properties from the four involved publishers, La Place also comprises the websites of 20minutes,, Boursorama, La Dépêche, Doctissimo, Marie-Claire, Sud Ouest and France Télévision.