Lovefilm’s Kindle inclusion helps Amazon’s global content ambitions

Amazon is slotting its global content line-up in to place by finally confirming its Lovefilm movie service will ship on its Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire units in the UK.

We had been waiting to hear Amazon’s intentions for the movies part of its content suite overseas. The HD and Paperwhite are selling in the country from today.

This announcement confirms Amazon is not rebranding Lovefilm as “Amazon Video”, as it operates in the States, in Europe – at least, for now. It is important because movies and TV had been a missing part of Amazon’s Kindle content puzzle overseas.

Amazon acquired Lovefilm outright in January 2011 after holding an earlier large investment.

Like its peers, Lovefilm is moving on to an array of devices. But Lovefilm’s announcement says its app is “deeply integrated” in to the Kindle Fire HD, including pause-and-resume across devices plus the Whispersync- and IMDB-powered “X-Ray for Movies” (also available in Amazon Video) that provides cast and other background data during playback.

Amazon also opened Fire HD and Paperwhite sales in Japan this week.