Internet may soon beat TV as main source of national news

Internet users already rely more on the network than newspapers and magazines for their national news. Now the net is also on the verge of overtaking television, according to research.

In fact, more connected Italians already say they get their national news from online ahead of TV, says UK communications regulator Ofcom’s just-published International Communications Market Report..

The internet also now leads for international news consumption in both Italy and Japan. But, for some, it is local news at which the internet seemingly excels — that is how most internet users in Germany, Italy and Spain get their local info.

It is when you break down “news” in to sub-categories that you see how far the internet has come as a news medium, becoming the main source of sports news and celeb gossip in several countries…

Although the consumer research polled internet users rather than populations in general, in many of the countries the connected population is nearing high enough to represent the same thing.

In the US, a Pew nationwide phone poll revealed the same emerging pattern of the internet closing the gap on TV for national news consumption.