Geldof Makes Production Buy To Enter Online Video Ad Space

Bob Geldof’s Ten Alps production company has bought a smaller, Manchester-based indie with the aim of turning it in to an online video advertising producer. Multimedia Arts (MMA), founded by TV producers Mike Spencer and Mark Gorton a decade ago, has hobbled along with a small catalogue of network commissions and recently shot video ads and sponsored features for, a low-budget online off-shoot of the local listings mag for advertisers keen to get TV-like exposure.

Manchester-based Geldof’s bought MMA for just £165,000 and will rename it Ten Alps DFD (digital film delivery). Ten Alps exec Adrian Dunleavy: “This means we can offer online video advertising at attractive prices to a huge potential client base – whether that’s a commercial for a retail outlet or a business or tailor-made content for online channels and directories.” MMA reckons its video ad features start at £3,000.

Ten Alps will market online video ads produced by MMA to its clients for distribution on 12 sector-specific B2B online TV channels and other websites, the release says. The company is also doing publicly-funded local authority online video channels, commercial online video channels including an upcoming Vets TV and banner ad sales on that portfolio. MMA made a profit of £38,656 on revenues of $747,380 in the year to December 31.