Online Video: Just 12 Percent Would Pay, Most Prefer Ads: Report

What do they want? Free stuff! When do they want it? Now! Only 12 percent of UK consumers currently pay or are willing to pay for downloaded or streamed video content, according to a survey published by Olswang this week.

Some 30 percent of those aged between 13 and 55 are getting movie- and TV-related content over the net, and demand is increasing, but 49 percent of people are only willing to view the content if it’s free. Eighty-four percent of respondents said interruptive advertising was annoying yet a majority of people would be prepared to sit through pre-roll ads if it meant avoiding paying – read: they are so reluctant to cough up a penny, they’ll happily grit their teeth through something they find annoying. Olswang polled 1,793 British consumers between October 19 and 29.