Broadband Content Bits: Setanta IPTV, PRS TV Fine

Setanta: Setanta Sports has got carriage from Inuk, the south Wales-based IPTV operator whose FreewireTV service pipes channels to PCs in students’ halls of residence rooms. It’s part of a £9.99-a-month Freewire Extra package that adds subscription channels to the conventional offering. The sports broadcaster is seeking more broadband and mobile carriage. Via MediaWeek.

PRS TV fine: Ofcom has handed a £20,000 fine to a premium-rate interactive adult chat TV service, for broadcasting material too explicit for television. SportxxxBabes, which lets viewers interact with ladies over a £0.75-per-minute phone call, broadcasts on national BSkyB (NYSE: BSY). Though adult TV must be PIN-encrypted and only air after 10pm, the channel broadcast explicit interactive scenes from 9.45pm, earning the rebuke. In an apparent loophole, it re-airs its nightly output on the web by day.