@ Mipcom: WorldTV Woos TV Nets, Swiss First Aboard; Launching CDN

The first person you’ll see on your arrival at the big Mipcom audiovisual conference in Cannes, as you’re shoved from pillar to post by clueless registration clerks, is WorldTV CEO Alx Klive – forced to hug the power point whilst sitting on a corridor floor, for lack of chair provision.

Rising from the carpet, Klive revealed WorldTV, which lets users create web-based “TV channels” from their own clips and others’, is becoming the latest web video platform to try and woo big broadcasters… as yet unannounced, it’s adding a feature that will let networks feed their own clips directly in to the WorldTV library. New tabs will appear in the system’s dashboard from which users can select clips to use in their own broadcasts. First on board is the Swiss Public Broadcasting Company, Schweizer Fernsehen, and Klive is spending the rest of Mipcom pitching to other networks. The clips – or at least the Swiss clips so far – don’t come with ads so, presumably, the only upside for networks is the increased distribution.

In parallel, WorldTV – which requires channels pull clips from hosted services like YouTube – will be offering its own content delivery network (CDN), leveraging Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) S3 to host broadcasters’ material at $0.50 per Gb of traffic. WorldTV is relatively low on the radar in web video land, but Klive said it has now reached 600,000 unique monthly users.