@ Mipcom: UK’s ‘Hulu’ Kangaroo Plans To Offer US Shows, Movies

imageThe UK’s upcoming Hulu equivalent codenamed Kangaroo will offer US TV shows and movies, despite being formed by three British public broadcasters. CEO Ashley Highfield, in a Mipcom panel, revealed he has been in “back-to-back meetings with US studios” here in Cannes this week: “We hope to acquire US TV and make it a compelling movie offering as well.”

So Kangaroo’s content library is growing significantly beyond founders BBC Worldwide, ITV (LSE: ITV) and Channel 4, even before it’s allowed to launch – an antitrust inquiry in to the project has put the brakes on and is due to report by February 6. These other deals Highfield’s striking are informal, lest Kangaroo rile the Competition Commission. Couple the UK JV’s foreign ambitions with a Hulu that’s likely to go international at some point, too, and we may yet see these two VOD platforms, once limited to their domestic markets, duke it out in strange overseas markets. More at paidContent:UK