BBC’s Increasingly Popular iPlayer Struggles To Hit Xbox, iPhone

Appetite for BBC iPlayer is growing stronger and stronger. October requests reached a record 79.3 million, according to new, more detailed stats Auntie has revealed.

But as the Beeb tries to take iPlayer to ever more devices (currently on about 23), it’s hitting one or two hurdles on a per-platform basis…

Xbox: You would have expected the BBC to launch a player on the console long before BSkyB (NYSE: BSY), but a Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) insistence that such Xbox Live services must be available only to paying Gold subscribers (like, Sky Player) is inconsistent with the BBC’s that its services must be delivered free to licence payers, an unnamed source tells

iPhone: The BBC’s stats pack has rekindled talk of a native iPhone iPlayer app. The service already works through web and QuickTime on the handset, but, as we reported in August, the BBC and Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) disagree on app terms. These new images (actually they’re old images) may show that such apps exist in private but are unable to see light of day are merely mockups, we have learned.