X Factor Eyes Season-Long iTunes Sales

In years gone by, it was the near-inevitability of the X Factor winner’s Christmas number one that would bring a big seasonal rush to iTunes Store, in the hours following the winner’s selection.

This year, show makers are not just waiting until the last minute – they’re trying to sell digital music throughout the remainder of the X Factor series.

Each song performed during the live-finals stages of the contest, which began on Saturday night, will be available via iTunes Store for £0.99.

It’s a tactic Sky 1’s rival Must Be The Music show tried in September.

The songs are listed as copyrighted to Simon Cowell’s Syco, which produces X Factor and which pushes music out through Sony (NYSE: SNE) Music Entertainment.

ITV (LSE: ITV) is trailing their availability in shows and on its websites, where it’s linking out to iTunes Store through an affiliate link.

One catch – the songs can only be bought together, as an “album” package, with two together for £0.99.