Interview: BBC’s Outgoing Huggers Says Cuts Fix A Bloated Website

“We’ve been able to fix a lot of the things that were broken,” the BBC’s outgoing top digital exec, future media and technology director Erik Huggers, told paidContent:UK, after announcing wide-ranging, generational layoffs and cutbacks from BBC Online.

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— “When I arrived here, we had at least five different strategies for a single service.”

— “We can get out of the hamster wheel of keeping hundreds of different sites going 24/7.”

— “At least half of top-level directories will go. ‘Going’ could mean they get archived, ‘no longer updated’.”

— “606 doesn’t fit with our five editorial priorities – it wasn’t linked to anything we do on air or online.”

— “BBC Online has earned the right to be an equal platform to the radio or television platform.”

I hope my legacy is one where we have shipped some fantastic new products that have literally changed the course of broadcasting in this country and around the world.

“Overall, we were able to put troublesome projects back on track and get them to deliver some of the most amazing consumer propositions out there.”